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Although we are all independent insurance agency owners, IAOA members are not competition. We believe that we should share, selflessly, to help one another. As each individual selflessly shares, they receive multiple benefits of selflessness from other members who are also sharing selflessly. The law of reciprocity is in full effect within IAOA.


If you haven’t noticed yet, the Insurance industry is WAY behind the curve when it comes to technology. IAOA seeks to change it. IAOA strives to set an example of innovation, and create an environment where new ideas, technology, and unique ways of doing business thrive. Some of the industry’s latest and greatest happens within IAOA.


This industry is tough sledding when you are doing it alone. Especially as a principle. IAOA brings a community of others that collaborate together to help one another providing an unprecedented army of support. No where else in the industry can you find this many ideas, answers to questions, help with dilemmas, and more.

Our Story

The date was March 6, 2014 when a light bulb went off after starting my own Independent Agency just 4 months prior. I thought to myself “Social media is not going away and Facebook seems to be gaining momentum at over 1.4 BILLION active members worldwide. So why not get connected through Facebook with other IA owners and help share knowledge with each other?”
And so it began! It started with 5 other IA owners who I knew locally and through other business channels. The original name for this Facebook group started out as “Independent Insurance Agency Owners Only”. It grew very slowly at first, until I suggested to the other members to add a few of their IA friends. Slowly, but surely, the group began to grow! It was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of.
One day a member from Montana, Brandon Smith, suggested we get together for a live event. Nick Ayers offered to help plan the event with Brandon and I, and on January 24, 2015, our first event was held. IA15 was a one day event with 27 IA Agency Owners from 6 different states. There were several peer presentations, round table discussions, and we even had a group dinner to create new relationships and share best practices. It was wildly successful! Grant Botma was an a‘ttendee of the event, and decided to join the discussion with Brandon, Nick and myself during the weeks following IA15. We knew this group was different. It was special.
So, together we planned and vision casted to see how we could offer even more value to the group. We started a formal entity and changed the name to Insurance Agency Owners Alliance (IAOA). At that time we had 200+ members and began planning. Within a few short months we grew to over 1,000 IA owner members in our IAOA Facebook group, and now we add more than 60 members a month! We are blazing a path to adding more innovation, collaboration, and selflessness to independent agencies nationwide. The IAOA is By Agency Owners, For Agency Owners! #IAOABe‘tterTogether

– Dave Jackson

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The IAOA Founders

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson

EVP of Member Happiness

Dave Jackson is the founding father of IAOA. He truly embodies the selfless portion of the IAOA mission statement, and lives out the “law of reciprocity” in his life.

  • 35 years experience
  • Ntnl Good Neighbor Award
  • Expert of Facebook groups
Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

EVP of Imagination

Brandon Smith specializes in creating “wow” moments. His genuine care for others and desire to see others succeed is uncanny and infectious.

  • Safeco President’s Award
  • Top Dave Ramsey ELP
  • Motivational Speaker
Nicholas Ayers

Nicholas Ayers

EVP of Arts and Crafts

Nick Ayers is a leading creative mind in the insurance industry. His eye for design and inventive ideas are absolutely exceptional. Nick exudes innovation.

  • Top Nationwide Producer
  • Action Network Founder
  • The “Insurance Chef”
Grant Botma

Grant Botma

EVP of Tech & Social Science

Grant Botma is an Anthropologist. He loves people, society, and technology. That bend creates remarkable forward thinking that thrives in collaboration.

  • Mortgage Company Owner
  • Financial Planning Owner
  • Top Entrepreneur Award